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8 points to consider in building or maintaining a pond

  1. Do I have a good source of year round water?
    a. Do I have a year round stream to tap with a supply pipe?
    b. Do I have good year round springs?
    c. Is my well a strong producer of over 20 gallons per minute?
    d. Do I have a year round static water table?

  2. Is my property location relatively hilly or flat?
    a. Is my slope less than 15 degrees?
    b. Is it more? How steep?

  3. Is my proposed location wooded?
    a. Will the land have to be cleared?
    b. Is there any marketable timber at the locationand is it enough to help offset construction costs?
    c. Is there a dry onsite location to bury stumps?

  4. What type of soil do I have at my location?
    a. Do I have a minimum of 20% clay soil?
    b. Do I have ledge outcropping?
    c. Is there a deep layer of topsoil?
    d. Is the site wet or dry?

  5. What do I want to do with my pond?
    a. Do I want to raise fish?
    b. What kind of fish?
    c. Is it for swimming?
    d. Will young children be swimming?
    e. Is it for aesthetic purposes?
    f. Do I want it for fire protection?

  6. Do I need a permit?
    a. Does it appear to be wetland?
    b. Will I need to tap a water source from a stream?
    c. Do local ordinances require a permit?

  7. If it's restoring an existing pondů
    a. How old is the pond?
    b. What is the water source?
    c. Does it stay full year round?
    d. Is it full of silt?
    e. What type of overflow system does it have and in what condition?
    f. Do you have sufficient land to dispose of the dredged silt on site?
    g. Is there good access to the pond via a road or driveway?
    h. What is the topography around the pond?

  8. How much do I want to spend?


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